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Learn about the Researcher Programme

The Researcher Programme equips qualified researchers with resources to advance the public’s understanding of certain Google services and their impact.

Discover how to qualify

Qualifying researchers from diverse disciplines can apply to obtain access to data from Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Shopping and YouTube to study those platforms from a wide range of perspectives and research frameworks. This programme is currently only available for researchers affiliated with EU-based organisations and may be expanded upon in the future. Researchers interested in other data sets and research tools provided by Google should visit Google Research

How the programme works

The number one in a circular icon.

Confirm your eligibility with relevant platforms

The number two in a circular icon.

Submit your application (Requires a Google account)

The number three in a circular icon.

If approved, access the tool(s) relevant to your research

Review the eligibility requirements

Qualifying researchers:

  • are affiliated with not-for-profit bodies, organisations and associations;
  • are independent from commercial interests;
  • disclose in their application the funding of their research;
  • are able to meet specific data security and confidentiality requirements corresponding to each request and to protect personal data;
  • describe in their application the appropriate technical and organisational measures that they have put in place to meet data security and confidentiality requirements;
  • demonstrate in their application that their access to data and the time frames requested are necessary for, and proportionate to, the purposes of their research;
  • demonstrate in their application that the expected results of their research will contribute to the detection, identification and understanding of the impacts of the services in the European Union, and to the assessment of the adequacy, efficiency and impact of related risk mitigation measures in the European Union.

Note: Individual platform teams may have additional eligibility requirements beyond those listed here.